Almost All ALDI Recipe: Gyros Inspired Pasta with Greek Yogurt Sauce

Almost All ALDI Recipe: Gyros Inspired Pasta with Greek Yogurt Sauce

In this last week before the Big Game this coming Sunday, ALDI always has giant packages of the 73% lean ground beef on sale. This week it’s a 5 lb pack for just $1.49 a pound — and as long as you drain it well and are judicious about which recipes you use it in, this can be quite a good deal. Package out the extra in 1-2 lb increments, or cook it all up in a skillet before packaging and freeze for future recipes.

But today, let’s use just a bit of this week’s sale ground beef plus a few other ALDI ingredients in a different and flavorful twist on pasta night, making: Gyros Inspired Pasta with Greek Yogurt Sauce.

(The only non-ALDI ingredient in this recipe is Kosher salt — substitute sea salt if you don’t have it on hand, though.)

Friendly Farms Greek yogurt rocks

This Friendly Farms plain whole milk Greek yogurt is the bomb, by the way. I enjoy it with blueberries in the morning, as a substitute for sour cream, and in so many other recipes! Just a few ideas for the rest of your Greek yogurt container include:

Really, no worries in using up this whole big container.

But — start with Gyros Inspired Pasta!

Read or print the whole Gyros Pasta recipe over at Mashup Mom!

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