All the ALDI Adjustments…

All the ALDI Adjustments…

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As we settle into social distancing, let’s talk about what ALDI has been doing to help us (and them, and their employees) navigate the current crisis. You can also follow their “in the news” page for some official ALDI updates.

New 3/25/20: Temporary ALDI return policy update; twice as nice guarantee is suspended for now.

ALDI Employees

I saw the above notice floating around about a temporary $2 per hour wage bump for hourly store and warehouse employees through April 2020. So, I posted it in the Almost All ALDI Facebook group asking for verification, and it appears to be true. Kudos to them for this one!

(Other stores across the country are also doing this — Target and Albertsons, for example.)

ALDI also posted the nicest little video on their Facebook page and YouTube yesterday, to thank their employees and customers.

Want to work at ALDI?

ALDI is hiring -- ALDI is looking for temporary help at all stores.

If you’re looking for seasonal or temporary work right now, ALDI is hiring across the country. From their Facebook page on 3/16/20:

We're hiring in all stores and warehouses. Please click the link to apply:

As of 3/20/20, the ALDI careers site lists 4924 positions.

If you’re looking for something more irregular or for gig work, by the way, Instacart is currently desperately looking for shoppers — whether you’re pulling orders at your local ALDI or other local stores.

ALDI Hours

ALDI updates during social distancing and grocery store craziness: New hours, ALDI is hiring, employee wage increases, and more.

I spotted this sign at my local ALDI this morning, and a couple of Instagram commenters also saw the same sign posted at their local stores. Your local store may have more limited hours due to the need to restock and clean, but as a general guideline:

  • Daily hours, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Vulnerable shopper hours, Tues and Thurs from 8:30 – 9:30 AM

“Vulnerable shoppers” are defined as seniors, expectant mothers, and those with underlying health concerns. 3/24/20 update: This is all ALDI stores, per announcement on their Facebook page.

ALDI Restocking

ALDI sign apologizing that some products might not be available. ALDI restocking as fast as they can.

My bottle of hand sanitizer and I stopped by my local ALDI this morning, in order to stock up as much as possible for myself and the two teenage boys in this house.

ALDI is restocking canned beans with a limit of four cans.

While large sections of the store were still wiped out (still no eggs or frozen pizzas, limited meat and frozen veggies, for instance), they were much better stocked than last week. Someone was restocking the canned beans and tomato sauce while I was there, and all canned goods were limit 4.

Hopefully as we all settle into our temporary new normal here the supply chain will begin to catch up, but I’ve been very impressed with how my local store has been handling everything.

ALDI Special Buys

Specially Selected macarons on the shelf at ALDI

I was also surprised to see a couple of new ALDI Finds on the shelves at my store today, such as the Specially Selected macarons featured in next week’s ad. Maybe someone stocking thought we all could use a little sweetness in our lives at the moment!

No cash back at ALDI right now

No cash back at ALDI right now

Lastly, just a heads up: ALDI is not currently offering a cash back option at their registers, in order to help speed people through the lines.

Any more ALDI news?

How’s your store handling everything? Let me know in comments, and stay safe out there, everyone.

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