ALL-DI news that’s fit to print: ALDI Sues Lidl?!

ALL-DI news that’s fit to print: ALDI Sues Lidl?!

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I’ve been so curious about ALDI’s competitor Lidl, which has not reached my area of the Midwest yet. So, I was even more curious to read recently that ALDI is now suing both Lidl and two former ALDI employees (one of whom is now working for Lidl).

Why is ALDI suing Lidl?

So, you know how ALDI has been expanding rapidly, building new stores and moving into new states? Lidl has also recently re-launched its U.S. expansion, which it had scaled back after a shakier start than expected.

“Lidl has struggled in the U.S., in part because of its ill-conceived real estate strategy,” — ALDI’s lawsuit

ALDI’s lawsuit against Lidl alleges that these two former employees stole real estate strategy maps, planned store locations, and other confidential info related to those expansion plans. Then, ALDI alleges that one of these former employees went to work for Lidl and — along with her former co-worker (who was still working at ALDI at the time) — sold proprietary info and trade secrets to Lidl in breach of their non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. ALDI alleges that this happened with Lidl’s full awareness and complicity.

Read more on the ALDI / Lidl lawsuit

More details on this ALDI vs. Lidl case in the news:

ALDI has issued a cease-and-desist order after a former Lidl U.S. employee tipped them off. They are seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction — and suing for compensation, damages, and the return of their proprietary info.

What do you think?

Does ALDI have a case? Does this change your opinion of either store?

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