ALDI Solar Hanging Bugs, a Review!

ALDI Solar Hanging Bugs, a Review!

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Yeeeahhh… so the outdoor Finds at ALDI are still sucking me into something almost every week. But they’re helping me build my new backyard oasis bit by bit — so, I can’t get too mad! This past week, I picked up three different colors of Belavi Solar Hanging Bugs: Too cute with their little glowing butts, at $4.99 apiece.

Belavi solar hanging bugs from ALDI, a review

hanging solar bug from ALDI

So, let me tell you a little bit about this latest ALDI purchase. These Belavi solar hanging bugs are adorable garden & patio additions in the daytime, too — even when they’re not lit up. You saw this little bronze-colored guy glowing last night at dusk in the top photo, but here he is again peeking out of the backyard bushes this morning.

How to turn on the solar bugs

turn on the solar hanging bugs

Before hanging up your ALDI Find, look for an on/off switch on the white part of the solar hanging bugs. You might need to shift the back part of the bug around a little bit to access it, but just slide that switch to the right to turn the solar bugs on before hanging them outside. Realize that these will light up best after receiving 10 hours of direct sunlight, so keep that in mind when choosing a location.

How to hang the solar bugs

solar bugs hang with an alligator clip

Beyond daylight: When choosing a location for these light-up bugs, also note that they hang from a spring attached to a small alligator clip. You’ll need to find a place to hang yours that’s thin enough to fit the clip, yet strong enough to support a hanging metal insect.

blue solar hanging bug

My three solar hanging bugs are currently hanging from a backyard bush and from plant hangers. And yes… both the plant hanger stake and geranium hanging basket behind Mr. Blue Bug here also came from ALDI, earlier this season! They move gently in the breeze on their little springs, too, making them a fun and whimsical addition to our summer.

You might need to devote a bit of trial and error to find the perfect size little branch to hang these from if you’re also tucking yours into the bushes: Too thin, and the weight of the bug bends it down; too thick, and the tiny alligator clip won’t attach. Mine is now perfectly Goldilocksed in there, though.

A cute addition to any backyard or patio

decorative blue and purple bug in a hanging basket

Summer nights require solar lights, don’t you think? I already have LED string lights on a timer in the back yard, and solar pathway lights in the front… but these little solar hanging bugs add a much-needed touch of whimsy.

I can’t speak to the longevity of these, since I only picked them up this week. I do, however, plan to turn them off and store them away for the winter, before bringing them out again to glow freely next spring.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. The only thing I’d wish for here is a slightly bigger & stronger clip that allowed for more hanging options, but you could always clip yours onto a larger hook or ring if desired.

2 thoughts on “ALDI Solar Hanging Bugs, a Review!”

  • I would suggest applying a small bead of silicone sealant over the existing glue. I have found that after a few weeks in the weather that the seal will start leaking and trapping rain water in the bulb section and causing the led lights to quit working.

  • These worked great for 2 days. Now only 2 work but all 3 had the solar devise in their butt pop open and expose their wiring! So after 2 days these will not light at all and the 1 remaining bug only lights up very dimly. For 2 days they all 3 were britly lit up. I paid $10 apiece. I’m out $30!

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