ALDI Return Policy Update

ALDI Return Policy Update

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Heads up: ALDI’s “Twice as Nice” guarantee has been suspended temporarily, due to the extraordinary circumstances we all find ourselves in.

“For the safety of our customers and employees, we are temporarily amending our return policy and we will no longer accept returns. If any of our fresh produce, meat, seafood or deli items don’t meet our taste and quality guarantee, we will replace the product or refund your money.”

Find FAQs on the temporary ALDI Return Policy on the ALDI site.

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11 thoughts on “ALDI Return Policy Update”

  • I bought two baby formula Gentlease and it doesn’t agree with my baby 6 months I open one and I want to return the one that is not open how can I returned it because I cannot afford lose $30

    • I think you can return it because if the item does not satisfy you you can always make return. It’s not just Aldi, Any store that is excepting food item returns will not sell that food item again and it really doesn’t matter which time you’re returning it. They should give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with that

    • We purchased two bags of kettle chips . We opened up one bag and discovered the chips were greasy as well as the inside of the bag. We opened the other bag and found it was also very greasy. My question is, is that normal?? We never had any type of chip that greasy.

  • I have been using instacart during these times and almost always end up with incorrect items. I am hoping it’s an honest mistake and not something to increase sales. I sincerely hope Aldi is willing to return/exchange these items when their policy returns to normal

    • If they’re substituting for products that are out of stock (a lot of things have been out of stock lately…) the shopper should be communicating with you through the app as they go so you have the chance to approve substitutions or ask them to get something else instead.

  • before the coronavirus I bought a little Bissell handheld pet hair vacuum it does not work the way it is advertised I went to take it back and have tried it three different times to which they are not taking anything back finally the manager gave me a phone number he said was for customer service in Haines City no one answers the phone I have tried every singleoption to get someone to answer the phone I have been on your website daily trying to find out at what date you’re going to accept returns considering every other major chain is now accepting returns I would like an answer to this question

  • I returned a watermelon because it was not good/ over ripe at the Suffolk Virginia store. I was told I could not get a refund because of the new virus policy. I was told I only could get another watermelon but no refund. This does not sound like the “temporary return policy” I read above. This did not make sense to me even though I can give you my money but was told I can’t get money back because of the virus. I did get another watermelon but it only tasted a little better than the first one , I have decided not to shop at Aldi’s again.

  • I purchased outdoor furniture cannot use and solar lights. Tags still attached would like to return. Please tell me how to process this return. I have my receipts

  • I purchased canned Dakota’s Pride Great Northern Beans at Aldo’s. When I used them in a soup recipe I discovered the beans were barely cooked and ruined the soup. When I shop at Aldi’s I tend to stock up on canned goods and it may be months before I use them meaning the receipt is long gone. Lot# 220M1A 195 20 1935 .

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