ALDI now has Salsa Verde, and I’m there for it!

ALDI now has Salsa Verde, and I’m there for it!

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I’ve been saying for years that ALDI needs to carry salsa verde as a regular buy — and now, look at this! Dreams really do come true. šŸ˜‰

Specially Selected Roasted Verde Salsa now comes in a mixed case with two other varieties, so you might need to dig a little to find some; look for this case on the shelf with all the other salsas, near the tortilla chips. I’ve been buying this salsa for at least a month now, and am so happy not to have to make a trip to another store to find green salsa.

An ALDI Salsa Verde review

specially selected mild salsa verde from aldi

As advertised, Specially Selected Salsa Verde from ALDI is a tangy yet mild green salsa, featuring a blend of tomatillos and roasted jalapeƱos.

I’ve generally been pleased with ALDI salsas (try the chipotle-lime, too!), and their new roasted verde salsa is no exception. This is a solid salsa verde, with both the flavor and texture you’d expect. The tangy tomatillos and lime juice balance out the roasted jalapeƱo and tomato flavor well, and this salsa verde is just as good paired with tortilla chips as it is as an ingredient. (And yes: There will be more salsa verde recipes forthcoming!)

Specially Selected Salsa Verde ingredients

ingredients in ALDI salsa verde

OK, so what’s in Specially Selected Salsa Verde at ALDI? I was pleased to see the simple ingredients here, since the Hatch Valley salsa they occasionally carry is thickened with Xanthan gum and not at all the same as the Trader Joe’s version. I was also pleased to see that it’s not heavy on cilantro, and that the very first ingredient is (as it should be) tomatillos.

Specially Selected Salsa Verde ingredients include tomatillos, roasted jalapeƱo peppers, roasted tomato puree, and water, plus less than 2% of onion, salt, lime juice, distilled vinegar, cilantro, garlic, spice, and natural flavor.

How do I use salsa verde?

A specially selected salsa verde at ALDI review

How do I use salsa verde? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Lately, I’ve just been mixing a little Specially Selected Salsa Verde in with some mashed avocado, making a quick-and-dirty-almost-guacamole dip for chips and nachos.

But, salsa verde is also the best for cooking — and its mild yet tangy flavor lends itself really well to slow cooker recipes. For instance, try:

Use salsa verde anywhere you’d use another ALDI salsa, for a mildly spicy & tangy flavor.

How do we know salsa verde is here to stay?

roasted verde salsa price tag at aldi

While we’ve seen some other salsa verdes appear and disappear as ALDI special buys, Specially Selected Roasted Verde Salsa now sports a regular buy price tag. At an everyday price of $1.99, it’s a decent value — and, especially these days, well worth it to avoid making a separate trip to another store.

What have you been excited to find at ALDI lately?

Salsa verde is my latest ALDI excitement, but what have you been pleased to find there lately? And for more ALDI fun, don’t miss: All of my ALDI product reviews, here.

8 thoughts on “ALDI now has Salsa Verde, and I’m there for it!”

  • I’ve been looking for the specially chilli verde salsa for a few months at Aldis Torrington, Ct. store, will it be restocked? Also Cole slaw??

    • It does not have a gluten free label. Listed ingredients are: tomatillos, roasted jalapeno peppers, roasted tomato puree, water, contains less than 2% of the following: Onion, salt, lime juice, distilled vinegar, cilantro, garlic, spice, natural flavor.

  • If you are not making chiliquiles with this, you are missing out. Chiliquiles, eggs and avacado make a wonderful breakfast.

  • Ours are $3.99! Such a huge difference. I shopped your list a couple of times and have always spent WAY more than $70 and wondered why but never really sat down to look at price differences. With just this product alone, I now see why. Oh well, still love a plan with a grocery list!

    • This post was from quite a while back — the salsa (like everything else) has gone up quite a bit since, and prices do vary by region.

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