ALDI Mums — Totally Worth It!

ALDI Mums — Totally Worth It!

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August may seem a bit early for this, but I already spotted fall garden mums out at my local ALDI! Naturally, I had to pick up a few pots for my front steps: Nothing like a little pop of color and happiness as you come in the door, right?

I managed to limit myself to three, but no promises about my next trip. 😉

Garden Mums at ALDI, a review

garden mums at aldi

Garden mums are running $3.49 each at ALDI this year, as opposed to $3.29 in 2020, and $2.99 in 2019… sigh. We all know that everything’s been going up in price, though, and these mums are still a decent size (in three quart pots) for $3.49. Plus, they’re available in a fun variety of colors. I went with pink and lavender mums this year for a change of pace.

Pretty pink and lavender mums on my steps

pink and lavender garden mums on my steps

This being Chicago, of course: I bought these three pots of garden mums last night, watered the heck out of them and put them out today… and, now it’s thunderstorming and pouring like crazy. Oh well! My problem is usually forgetting to water mums often enough, so I guess we’re mixing things up today. I also think there are a couple nicer pots in the garage to drop these into, so will go spelunking out there later today when the rain lets up.

Mums, mums, everywhere the mums…

yellow mums on a porch

In years past I’ve tended to pick up the more traditional yellow & orange mums, and they’ve always done beautifully and bushed out nicely after a bit of time outside. You know, as long as I remember to keep them hydrated. (Pot shown above with yellow mums from an earlier sales is mine; they actually just sell mums in the basic plastic plant pots, but I dropped my flowers into a prettier one.)

pink and white mums on porch steps

Pick your ALDI garden mums up early for the best selection, and because they don’t water the plants in store — the longer they sit on the shelf, the more reviving you’ll have to do! What colors are you choosing this year?

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