ALDI is now on Instacart: Get ALDI grocery delivery!

ALDI is now on Instacart: Get ALDI grocery delivery!

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Here’s my Instacart review, and a coupon code for you! This is huge news for ALDI fans who are also looking for a little convenience in their lives; after testing grocery delivery via Instacart in just a few markets, ALDI has been rolling it out to many new markets across the U.S. Check the Instacart site to see if ALDI grocery delivery is currently available in your area.

New Instacart Coupon Codes

Have you been looking for an Instacart coupon code? Check out Instacart here, and try code ALDISHOPPER6 or ALDISHOPPER2019 for $10 off your first three ALDI orders of $35 or more. (This code is valid as of January 2019, but I’m not sure when it expires!)

Instacart Review

So, how did Instacart prices compare to normal in-store prices? See my full Instacart review here, but here’s the summary. Since I shop at ALDI a lot, I was able to compare pretty closely to regular pricing at my local store. Overall:

  • Most items had a slight surcharge over normal in-store pricing.
  • Advertised sale items also were slightly more expensive through Instacart.
  • Some items (including most of the meat I looked at) were priced the same.
  • None of the items I checked was cheaper on Instacart than in store.

Other participating Instacart stores offer the occasional brand-specific coupon to clip digitally, but nothing of that nature for ALDI.

As always, cost  is a trade-off with convenience. If you work long hours, if you’re shopping with little ones, if you have health or mobility issues, if you’re overstretched and overbusy and overtired, it’s good to have options: And, ALDI on Instacart will definitely be cheaper than other home grocery delivery services.

Note: Fees etc. may have changed since this Instacart review was originally posted. See my full Instacart review here.

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