ALDI Halloween Clearance 2020

ALDI Halloween Clearance 2020

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My local ALDI still had a nice stock of 50% off Halloween clearance items (from stickers to candy, pet costumes to cupcakes, cheese balls to fruit squeezies) when I stopped by today 11/3. What did you pick up at your store this year?

$1.99, by the way, is an excellent price for 10 oz bagged coffee, so look for these two half price seasonal Barissimo flavors: Raven’s Roast Ethiopa single origin, or Sleepy Hollow Nyungwe Forest regional blend. Both seemed a little fruity for my own taste, though — so I have to admit I passed.

A few Halloween clearance highlights

clearance rice krispies ghost pop kit at aldi

I did, however, pick up one of these Rice Krispies Treats ghost pop kits for Middle School Guy to make. ($2.49 seemed more reasonable than the original $5.00!)

And yes, there was a good bit of half-off Halloween candy left — both store and name brands. My store still had everything from a Choceur Legends fun size mix ($1.89) to 50 piece Mars chocolate favorites ($3.74).

halloween dog treats at aldi

For the furry friends among us, I saw 8 oz Heart to Tail Halloween crunchy dog treats for $1.99, Heart To Tail frosted dog bones for $1.49, and Heart to Tail pet Halloween hoodie costumes for $2.49.

Halloween play-doh at ALDI on clearance

And for the (hopefully slightly less furry) kids among us — Halloween Play-doh is still very playable now, at $2.49 for a 15 pack. Also look for stickers and more fun Halloween clearance finds.

Check by the registers

clearance halloween cupcakes at ALDI

While most Halloween clearance at my local ALDI could be found in the Aisle of Shame, be sure also to check up on the register endcaps. Mine were still fully stocked with half price Halloween-themed mini cupcakes and brownie bites, now $2.49 each. The expiration dates on these were still amazingly far out, 11/14 for the cupcakes and 11/20 for the brownies at my store.

What did you spot on Halloween clearance at ALDI?

So, those are a few highlights from my store today — what did you spot at yours?

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