ALDI Fremont Fish Market Crab Cakes Review

ALDI Fremont Fish Market Crab Cakes Review

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Next up in our reviews of ALDI special buys: Fremont Fish Market oven ready crab cakes! ALDI does occasionally carry different varieties of both refrigerated and frozen crab cakes, but these multi-packs are new to me. I picked up a bag for lunch today because Middle School Guy is a crab cakes fiend, and $3.99 for 5 seemed like a great price.

An ALDI Fremont Fish Market crab cakes review!

Note though, while the bag says a serving size is one, I actually enjoyed two crab cakes for lunch — while Middle School Guy easily polished off three. You’d easily need two bags (plus a side) to feed a family of four.

These multi-packs of crab cakes are available in the freezer section for a limited time, only while supplies last.

A Fremont Fish Market oven ready crab cakes review

frozen crab cakes on a baking sheet

Fremont Fish Market crab cakes can either be made in the oven or in a deep fryer. I chose to make ours in the oven, which takes 24-30 minutes at 350 degrees; the deep fry directions say 350 degrees for 4 1/2-5 minutes.

I’m assuming you could also cook these up in an air fryer, but there are no specific instructions on the bag. Please comment if you give it a try, with the timing that worked for you.

Crab cake pluses

sustainable seafood at aldi

These are nice, thick crab cakes that actually browned up fairly nicely in the oven. A little fresh lemon juice nicely brightened up their mild flavor, and these were a nice change of pace if you’re craving a quick heat-and-eat seafood meal.

ALDI crab cakes are also made with sustainable seafood, and you can read more about this on their site. The bag notes that this is a wild caught product of the USA:

  • Crab FAO: 77, Gulf of California, catch method: Pots
  • Pollack FAO: 67, Pacific Northwest, catch method: Trawl

Unlike some other ALDI frozen seafood products, these do not appear to be processed in China.

Crab cake minuses

ALDI crab cakes ingredients

At this price, no: ALDI Fremont Fish Market crab cakes are not made from 100% real crab, but contain a mixture of crab, mock crab, and fish flakes. They thus get a lot of their flavor from fillers and additives, rather than from the crab itself — making the “restaurant quality” claim on the bag somewhat dubious. (If you prefer your crab cakes with real crab and fewer fillers, you’ll want to watch for ALDI’s more expensive Specially Selected crab cakes to reappear.)

The chopped bell peppers inside these crab cakes were also a little chewy, although the breading was nice and crunchy.

Fremont Fish Market crab cakes, overall

Crab cakes from ALDI for lunch! A review.

If you are looking for a cheap crab cake option, Fremont Fish Market crab cakes fit the bill. Overall, though, I probably wouldn’t buy these again: I’d rather wait for ALDI’s more authentic Specially Selected crab cakes to roll around. Because I was in a hurry today, I didn’t read the ingredients before buying and didn’t realize just how many additives and fillers these contain.

Are you trying these multi-packs of ALDI crab cakes this week? If so, let us know what you think!

27 thoughts on “ALDI Fremont Fish Market Crab Cakes Review”

  • I bought these and thought they were “ok”. I am not a green or red pepper fan and had I read the ingredients BEFORE I got home, I probably would have put them back. I heated these in my air fryer for 12 minutes at 350. They came out nice and crunchy.

    • same. i hate peppers. to me if you advertise you are selling a crab cake you should not advertise it as a regular one if it is NOT. most reputable brands put those types of ingredients in plain big print on the front. i was so disappointed i wasted a purchase

  • Picked these up looking for Friday seafood options during Lent. At $3.99, I knew they weren’t 100% real crab, but was more concerned with flavor and filling stomachs. 1 package and a side dish fed 3 (myself, daughter and nephew – both 20yrs) for lunch. Flavor was better than expected and no problem with the sliced peppers (there weren’t many) inside.

    • I’m normally very satisfied with the products I get al Aldis. I saw that these included imitation crab but these things were ridiculously bad. First, they smelled nothing like a crabcake. My first clue. Upon the first bite I literally laughed out loud and said “wtf?”. They’re that bad. The inside was flavorless and the consistency of dried out instant mash potatoes. The worst crabcakes I’ve ever come across, as someone from Maryland who has had all sorts of crabcakes all over the country. I’m going to take the ones I cooked and the extra pack back for a refund. For those who thought that these were actually good or even tolerable… wow.

  • I liked them- there might be some sort of crab flavoring in there, but these are really old fashioned Fish-and-Potato cakes, a lot like I used to get at a family fish market on Fridays. Bland in a nice way, they need salt & pepper and tartar sauce. For air fryer cooking I did 350 for 4 minutes, then turn and repeat.

  • I thought they were very good!! I’d love to be able to get more, but these aren’t regular stock, so very little chance of that.. Yes, there is crab, if you look at the ingrediants, Crab is the first one, noting that there is more of that than the other ingrediants, but yes it also has fish and other spices..

  • I had some pre prepared crab cakes that were ok. I was shopping at Aldi’s and saw Fremont Crab cakes, and thought I’d give it a go. I just heated them up as directed. And they were so good I was tempted to write this review in more expressive terms. I did find some roumaloude sauce in the frig which was a nice touch. Thank you Aldi for continuing to surprise me with the quality of your frozen foods.

  • Oh my goodness I bought these Crab Cakes whilst holding thumbs……I wish I had bought more!!! They were absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

  • I’m not a picky eater but I found these to be really bad. They taste like a bunch of fish bits all mush together, nothing at all like crab cakes. No crab taste artificial or otherwise.

    • That’s a newer labeling requirement for food that contains GMOs, you’ll see that on name brand items too.

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