ALDI Forsythia brighten up spring, and more perennial faves

ALDI Forsythia brighten up spring, and more perennial faves

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Since we’re all missing our leisurely strolls down the Aisle of Shame lately, I thought I’d share with you some more of my own favorite Finds from years gone by — and how they’re holding up over time.

ALDI Forsythia, and more favorite Finds

It’s finally spring here in Chicago, which means we’re careening between 80 degree sunshine and 30 degree snow flurries. Spring also means that I’m again thankful for this gorgeous forsythia: A few years years ago, I planted several of the little tiny plants ALDI sells every spring (featured again in this week’s ad, actually!) to fill an empty bed along my garage.

ALDI forsythia blooming

They all took, are super low maintenance, and have now grown into beautiful (and large) forsythia bushes! I finally trimmed the heck out of them last fall, so this year they’re blooming more beautifully than ever. Definitely worth the small initial investment (“perennial” faves in both senses of the term), and I haven’t lost a single one.

I just wish that they’d bloom a little longer. Forsythia sport these spectacular yellow blossoms for such a short time in the spring, before fading back into more everyday green shrubbery.

ALDI hanging plant

Next up in the “plants Rachel hasn’t yet managed to kill” category: This one, hanging right behind me as I type. Purchased from ALDI just a couple months ago (for around $6.99, if I remember right?), this pretty hanging plant has a ton of new growth and has been filling out nicely.

Apparently, indoor plants are supposed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve air quality, and enhance problem-solving skills. Well, hey! Those are all things we could use in our lives right about now.

cat eye peeking out of the ALDI cat house window

This latest cat house is my most recent non-food ALDI buy: I ventured out last week to restock our groceries and grabbed it off a stack at the end of an aisle. Different designs of these cat houses make their appearance several times a year. I pick up a new one every year or so after the three bad kitties have destroyed the last one.

Building this latest Heart to Tail cat scratcher house was a good social distancing activity for my middle school kid, and the cats have been quite enjoying it ever since.

2020 ALDI Pembrook Planner

It might seem strange to declare my 2020 ALDI Pembrook planner to be one of my favorite buys, as one day now blends into another… but, this is precisely the point. I find myself using this year’s planner to mark the days; each night I write a list of both personal and business-related tasks to be completed the next day, checking them off as they’re completed. I use it to scribble down ideas and to reschedule appointments into the less socially distant future, so am appreciative of the generous writing space provided for each day.

fridge liners from ALDI

ALDI featured fridge liners in their ad fairly recently, but mine are from last year. They’ve held up pretty nicely, and do their job in protecting the bottom of my produce and cheese drawers.

Honestly, I kind of forgot they were there until cleaning out my fridge recently. (I’ve been on this “one thing a day” kick to try to get at least some food-related productive activity going over here.) But, after I uncovered them, I was glad! 🙂

What Finds have you Found?

Take a look around, and share more of your own favorite ALDI Finds from years gone by in comments here.

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