ALDI Finds — Pierogies, Pure Maple Syrup, and a Pretty cheap Coffee Maker

ALDI Finds — Pierogies, Pure Maple Syrup, and a Pretty cheap Coffee Maker

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Roasted garlic or spinach white cheddar pierogies for $1.99 at ALDI this week? Well, that’s dangerous. Me, I like to pan fry my pierogies in a little butter & olive oil along with some sliced onion and smoked sausage. What’s your favorite way to enjoy them?

Other frozen non-meat Finds this week include: Season’s Choice 7 vegetable lasagna, $6.59, and Specially Selected pear & gorgonzola or mushroom truffle oil ravioli, $3.69.

Here are a few more of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad, starting either 2/23/20 or 2/26/20. (Note: Even in Sunday markets, many of the new non-food Finds don’t release until Wednesday.) These are filled out with a few new non-advertised Finds that I’ve spotted at my own store recently.

ALDI Food Finds this week

32 oz pure maple syrup on the shelf at ALDI

Look for 32 oz of Specially Selected pure maple syrup on the shelf for $13.89 this week. Yes, this is a good price — but if you miss it this week, highly rated Butternut Mountain Farm 32 oz pure maple syrup is generally similarly priced as an Amazon subscribe & save item.

Breakfast Best whole wheat cinnamon French toast sticks at ALDI

Pair your real maple syrup with this 16 oz box of Breakfast Best whole wheat cinnamon French toast sticks, if you like. The whole wheat ones are a special buy at $2.29 (are these supposed to be healthy now? lol), but my ad also features non-whole-wheat original or cinnamon French toast sticks in the “ALDI Savers” section for $1.95.

More of my thoughts on what constitutes “healthy” in 2020, anyway.

Aunt Maple's blueberry pancake mix on the shelf at ALDI

As we continue breakfasting, here are a few more Finds + price drops:

  • Refrigerated Park Street bacon Swiss or spinach feta egg bites, $2.79 a two pack
  • Frozen Whole & Simple omelet breakfast bites, $4.99 a four pack
  • Whole & Simple salsa verde or Mediterranean breakfast bowls, $2.99
  • Aunt Maple’s blueberry pancake mix, $1.79
  • Millville chocolate peanut butter Crispy O’s, $2.19
  • Millville honey crunch ‘n oats, $1.29
  • Millville corn or rice squares, $1.89
  • Millville gluten free crispy rice cereal, $1.45
  • Beaumont classic roast ground coffee 30.5 oz, $4.89
  • Barissimo maple bacon or bourbon ground coffee 12 oz, $3.79
  • Benton’s breakfast biscuits, $1.95
  • Season’s Choice 20 ct frozen hash brown patties, $3.49
  • Friendly Farms Tilts cinnamon bun or mint chocolate chip Greek yogurt, $.99
  • Specially Selected mini brioche swirls, $2.99
  • Specially Selected white cheddar everything or double cheese bagels, $2.89
  • Simply Nature organic tea latte concentrate, $2.99

It’s good to have options!

Beet or cauliflower corn tortilla chips at ALDI

Let’s move on to snacks, shall we? These Simply Nature gluten free beet or cauliflower corn tortilla chips are different, at $1.99 a bag. I also spotted Simply Nature mango chile lime or habanero black bean crisps, $1.57 a bag, and big party size bags of Pueblo Lindo tortilla chips or strips for $2.99.

easy flounder and asparagus packets

Check for seafood sales for Lent, too, ranging from fresh tilapia at $4.99/lb to 16 oz frozen Fremont Fish Market flounder fillets for $4.99. Use cheap asparagus + flounder to make these easy packets, by the way!

Elsewhere on the meat & produce front: Look for avocados (yay!) to be on sale in many areas of the country this week, along with asparagus ($1.49/lb in my ad), grapes, oranges, and tomatoes. Corned beef points are already on sale $1.99/lb well in advance of St. Patrick’s Day, while some markets also feature a sale on boneless skinless chicken thighs.

Aldi non-Food Finds this week

Ambiano single serve coffee maker at ALDI uses K-Cups or grounds

Do you need something in which to brew up all of that sale coffee this week? $29.99 seems crazy cheap for a Ambiano single serve coffee maker (which takes both K-Cups and grounds). Anyone have a review on this one?

Crofton color dipped cutting board at ALDI

Continuing through this week’s kitchen items, it’s always interesting to see what ALDI itself is prioritizing in ads. These Crofton color dipped wood boards, for instance, are a featured Find at $4.99 each — sure, they’re cute, but not quite as cute in person as they looked in the ad.

Crofton pancake pans at ALDI including an emoji pancake pan

Me, I probably would have made the Crofton pancake pans the featured Find at $9.99 — simply because the emoji pan cracks me up. More kitchen items on sale:

  • Ambiano rotating Belgian waffle maker, $19.99
  • Crofton clip-on silicone utensils, $4.99
  • Crofton kitchen gadgets, $42.49
  • Crofton cereal container, $4.49
  • Huntington Home 24″x36″ chef mat, $12.99
  • Crofton cook, fry, & serve pan, $19.99
  • Crofton mini pans, $3.99
  • Ambiano ceramic copper titanium griddle, $19.99

The mini pans can also be useful. I have one (not from ALDI) that I use all the time to fry up just 1-2 eggs, for instance.

First Alert fire extinguisher on the shelf at ALDI

It’s also apparently fire safety week. I just checked pricing here, because my own home extinguisher is ancient. $14.99 seems like a great deal for a First Alert HOME1 rechargeable fire extinguisher, given that Woot is currently advertising a deep discount on a two pack at $32.99, and it’s running about 33% higher on Amazon.

Other fire safety items this week include a First Alert waterproof fire safe for $22.99 and First Alert carbon monoxide or smoke alarms with a 10 year battery at $14.99 each.

SOHL slipper chair at ALDI

Home items this week feature a SOHL tufted slipper chair for $79.99, and a SOHL tufted round storage ottoman at $39.99. I do still love my SOHL shelf from a long-ago sale, but can’t speak to quality of the upholstered furniture. Other highlights include Huntington Home pop-up baskets at $6.99 each, light blocking window curtains at $9.99 each, 5’x7′ printed reversible area rugs for $39.99, and oversized velvet plush throws at $9.99 apiece.

Fans of essential oils can also look for a Huntington Home ultrasonic diffuser ($14.99), essential oil candles or oils ($4.99), or essential oil spray ($3.99).

What’s Up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 2/23/20 or Wednesday 2/26/20.

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