ALDI Finds on an odd holiday week

ALDI Finds on an odd holiday week

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Our weekly ALDI Finds post is again a little different on this odd holiday week. I can’t linger in stores to take photos (the broth pictured above is from my own pantry…), sales aren’t quite the same, product availability will vary, and we’re all focusing on essentials right now.

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site, to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip because you need to stock back up on food, use that online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store, rather than lingering to browse the aisles.

That being said, here’s what I’d hope to see at my store from this week’s ad. As always, prices may vary by store and region. Oh, and I am always happy to see that SimplyNature organic broth on sale — it’s on price drop at $1.49 in this week’s ad.

ALDI Food Finds

So, let’s talk ALDI Food Finds this week, featuring mostly Easter baking & cooking products.

Countryside Creamery butter from ALDI

While we’re all at home baking, Countryside Creamery butter is on sale. My paper ad says “see price in store,” while my online ad lists it at $2.29. What’s it running in your area?

Baker's Corner brown sugar from ALDI

Other Easter baking & cooking items in this week’s ALDI ad include.

  • Happy Farms cream cheese, $1.29
  • Bake House Creations crescent rolls, $.89
  • Bake House Creations cinnamon rolls, $.99
  • Bake House Creations jumbo flaky or buttermilk biscuits, $.89
  • Chef’s Cupboard stuffing mix, $.95
  • Chef’s Cupboard scalloped or au gratin potatoes, $.79
  • L’Oven Fresh Hawaiian rolls, $1.19
  • Chef’s Cupboard French fried onions, $2.49
  • Chef’s Cupboard cream of mushroom soup, $.49
  • Season’s Choice frozen riced cauliflower, $1.49
  • Countryside Creamery half & half, $1.69
  • Countryside Creamery heavy whipping cream, $1.69
  • Baker’s Corner semi-sweet morsels, $1.29
  • Friendly Farms or Fit & Active whipped topping, $.79
  • Baker’s Corner graham cracker pie crust, $1.05
  • Baker’s Corner cherry pie filling, $1.75

Breakfast food items you might want to check out include Nature’s Nectar OJ, $1.99, and Specially Selected brioche loaf, $2.99. Simply Nature organic cage free eggs are on a price drop for $2.99, while Specially Selected 32 oz indulgent Greek yogurt is also $2.99.

ALDI ham is on sale; how to cook it in a Crock-Pot

As far as meat sales this week, Appleton Farms spiral-sliced half hams are on sale. My own online ad lists these at $.85/lb, but check yours. Here are a couple of ideas for that ham:

If you pick up a ham this week, you’ll have great leftovers possibilities (to help you limit your grocery trips)! Other meat sales range from bone-in ribeye roasts to rack of lamb to a family pack of chicken tenderloins (these being $1.99/lb in my ad). You can also pick up Appleton Farms pork sausage rolls, on sale for $1.99 — or hot or Italian pork sausage rolls, $2.21.

Gala apple from ALDI

Produce sales often vary by region, but in many parts of the country you can look for Gala apples, pineapple, navel oranges, and kiwi to be on sale.

Non-food ALDI Finds

I’m not going to focus on food Finds this week, but if you’re making the trip to the store to stock back up on groceries, you might spot some spring-y products in the aisles. This week’s ad focuses on patio, garden, and Easter items, ranging from mini toys and candy for baskets, to new scents of 3 wick candles, patio umbrellas, to spring-y door mats, to tulip bouquets.

What Finds have you found?

Have you found anything to brighten your day at ALDI while you’re out restocking on necessities? Comment here and let us know what you spotted! And, we can still continue to enjoy online window shopping, as well as reminiscing about our Finds from ads gone by. 🙂

Products mentioned above are from the ad starting 4/8/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 4/5/20 in Sunday ad markets.

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