ALDI Finds Lentils — Plus Large Lasagna and Little Plants

ALDI Finds Lentils — Plus Large Lasagna and Little Plants

Stock up on cheap lentils this week! ALDI has 16 oz bags of Dakota’s Pride green split peas or green lentils on sale for just $.95. Why yes, I do have a recipe or two for that. 🙂

What are you going to make with yours?

Here are a few more of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad, starting either 2/9/20 or 2/12/20. (Note: Even in Sunday markets, many of the new non-food Finds don’t release until Wednesday.) These are filled out with a few new non-advertised Finds that I’ve spotted at my own store recently.

ALDI Food Finds this week

5 lb Priano lasagna Italiano with meat sauce on the shelf at ALDI

Big 5 lb Priano frozen lasagnas are back in stores this week, at $9.99 apiece. My one-sentence review on these: I feel they are a little too saucy and a little too sweet; the kids feel they’re awesome.

Season's Choice frozen avocado chunks at ALDI

Continuing down the freezer section, what else is back this week? Season’s Choice frozen avocado chunks: 10 oz for $2.99. High marks for convenience on these, but lower marks for affordability — if you picked up any of the avocados that have been on sale over the last couple of weeks, chop ’em up and freeze ’em! (Just out of curiosity, I removed the pit and skin from an ALDI avocado I had lying around and weighed the flesh of that one avocado at 8 oz.)

Bremer flatbread cheeseburger sandwiches and chicken melts at ALDI

Freeze on freezing on with Bremer chicken melts or Angus cheeseburger flatbread sandwiches, $4.99 a box. More frozen Finds that strike my fancy?

  • Season’s Choice eggplant cutlet or veggie fries, $3.99
  • Priano spinach & cheese or chicken & cheese ravioli, $3.99
  • The Cheesecake Factory decadent desserts, $2.99
  • Bremer Bistro French onion soup, $3.99
  • 10 oz Fremont Fish Market shrimp fajita or shrimp taco mix, $4.99
  • 22 oz Kirkwood diced grilled chicken breast, $5.49
  • Mama Cozzi’s Mexican style chicken fajita or taco seasoned pizza, $2.49
  • Specially Selected steamable Brussels sprouts, $1.09
  • Specially Selected jumbo scallops 12 oz, $9.99
  • Season’s Choice garlic potatoes with Parmesan or country potatoes, $2.89

More Food Finds this week include Specially Selected cauliflower or basil gnocchi, $2.99, Mama Cozzi’s meatball deli calzone for $1.99, and a Specially Selected brioche baguette at $3.49. Ooh! And cheese. (Yes, I really like cheese, lol…) 7 oz Specially Selected Edam, Gouda, or smoked Gouda for $2.99 — or Specially Selected 10 oz aged reserve white cheddar, $2.49.

And, look again for an ALDI Savers section: My ad features price drops on block cheese (now $1.65), wheat crackers (now $.98), Clancy’s chips (now $1.39), 16 oz peanuts (now $1.79) Honey Crunch ‘n Oats cereal (now $1.29), and more.

As for meat and produce sales, we’re still in the throes of our fancy Valentine’s Day ads, so: Specially Selected fresh rack of lamb is $9.99/lb, fresh grass fed strip steaks are $8.99/lb, and many areas of the country have asparagus and strawberries on sale. (Strawberries are just $1.29 in my local ad, which will make Middle School Guy very happy over here.)

ALDI non-Food Finds this week

kalanchoe plants on the shelf at ALDI

Aren’t these little Valentine’s Day Kalanchoe cute? $3.99 per plant, in these adorable little pots. Further affordable flower Finds for Valentine’s Day: You can also pick up a 5″ easy orchid for $10.99, 10 stem tulip bunches for $4.89, a 5″ anthurium for $8.99, or 12 stem roses for $9.99.

sewing kits and travel sewing kits on the shelf at ALDI

Let’s get crafty with more of this week’s Finds. I have one of these mini sewing kits from an earlier sale, and it’s quite handy to have around for $3.99. They also have a 12 stitch sewing machines for $39.99, and you can store your sewing stuff (or anything else) in pretty rope baskets — large for $9.99, medium or 2-pack small for $4.99.

divided laundry basket at ALDI

I was wondering about the Easy Home divided laundry baskets in this week’s ad ($7.99), but they appear to be regular laundry baskets with a divider piece that just hooks into the middle. (Make sure when you buy yours that the piece is still in there and hasn’t gone missing, lol.) More laundry items: An Easy Home handheld fabric steamer, $14.99, and an Easy Home tripod clothes dryer, $18.99.

Huntington Home plush blankets at ALDI

Now, on to the kids’ rooms! We’re going full pastel now, with Huntington Home royal plush blankets ($12.99), twin or full sheet sets ($9.99), or two pack energy efficient window panels, $7.99. Then, if you have a little shark fan in your household, check out Huntington Home comforter sets ($14.99), and character pillows ($8.99) — they have cute unicorn character pillows, too. Oh, and a SOHL kids’ 4-tier organizer will run you $34.99.

Huntington Home cosmetic organizer at ALDI

Keep going down the hall with Finds for your bathroom this week, like Huntington Home cosmetic organizers at $6.99 apiece, a shower curtain and hook set for $9.99, a 3 piece memory foam bath mat set for $12.99, or a multifunction 2-in-1 shower system for $19.99.

Lastly, you can pick up an Auto XS folding trunk organizer ($8.99) or cell phone cart mount ($4.99).

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 2/9/20 or Wednesday 2/12/20.

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  • Just started following you! And I am going to check out Aldi – I have never been! lol.
    I make lentil soup almost every week or 2. With lots of chunky onions, carrot and celery. I make it on the thick side- so it is nice and hearty. I have an Italian seasoning version and a mild green curry version that my family loves. Sometimes in the Italia version I will make it with pepperoni for a little spice or sausage. But often it is a meatless meal and one I can make completely vegan. Although we love it with cheese and Italian friselle pepper biscuits ! And if you want to stretch further – I add rice, barley or farrow!

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