ALDI Finds: German week, Fall into Fall, and a cheap cast iron skillet

ALDI Finds: German week, Fall into Fall, and a cheap cast iron skillet

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ALDI has a Crofton 10″ cast iron skillet for just $9.99 this week! I find 12″ to be a more versatile size, to be honest, but if you are filling out your cast iron collection this is a nice price. More cast iron in this week’s ad includes a Crofton mini cast iron two quart Dutch oven for $16.99, and a Crofton cast iron 4.6 quart French oven for $24.99.

acacia chopping block at ALDI

More for your kitchen: The Crofton Chef’s Collection acacia chopping block is back! I still love mine from last year, and it’s holding up quite nicely. Look also for Crofton lunch-on-the-go containers, $4.99, a guacamole or salsa bowl, $6.99, or Crofton acacia & silicone utensils, $2.99.

My favorite ALDI Finds

Here are just a few more of my favorite Finds this week.

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

As always, prices may vary by store and by region.

ALDI Food Finds this week

German Week is back at ALDI this week

German Week is back at ALDI! Check out all of the German Week Finds and share your favorites here.

pumpkin chocolates at ALDI

Pumpkin chocolates are a perennial favorite, and Choceur assorted Belgian chocolate pumpkins are back this year at $2.99. How cute are these!?

Speaking of candy, Halloween candy is back in store this week. You can usually do much better looking for sales at the chain drugstores or larger grocery stores, however — and I’m not sure any of us knows what Halloween will look like this year. But, check this week’s ad to see what’s available if you’re interested.

Halloween fruit snacks at ALDI

Moving on to pantry Finds of snacking (and, OK, more candy): Lunch Buddies Halloween fruit flavored snacks are back, at $5.99 for a big box. What’s nice about these is that they have no artificial flavors or certified synthetic colors. Other pantry Finds this week include Bake Shop chocolate or vanilla caramel filled cupcakes, $3.89, and cans of Furmano’s Great Northern beans, $.58.

pierogies at aldi

In the freezer section, Bremer potato & onion pierogies are back! $1.99 a box, and if you have had the Mrs. T’s brand before, these are very comparable. Try pan cooking them up with smoked sausage & onion for a delicious & quick dinner. (If you feel fancier, freezer Finds this week also include Specially Selected pear & gorgonzola or mushroom truffle oil ravioli, $3.69.)

Elli quark at aldi

Elli Quark is also back, at $1.49 for 5 oz. Choose mixed berry or cafe latte at this price — although, maybe this should be listed in the German Week Finds! In the refrigerated section you can also scope out Emporium Selection Bavarian cream cheese spreads, $2.69, and Park Street Deli pork or chicken dumplings, $1.79.

Simply Nature quinoa

You can also look for more temporary price drops throughout the store, which may vary by region. These can include:

  • Cheese Club 12 oz shells & cheese, $.99
  • Appleton Farms premium sliced bacon 16 oz, $2.99
  • Carlini 16.9 oz pure olive oil, $1.99
  • Appleton Farms pork sausage roll, $1.99
  • Happy Farms 16 oz shredded mozzarella or mild cheddar, $3.19
  • Park Street Deli pulled pork or chicken, $3.99
  • Simply Nature Organic quinoa 16 oz, $2.85
  • Simply Nature Organic pasta 16 oz, $1.05
  • Simply Nature Organic 64 oz apple juice, $2.15
  • Nature’s Nectar 46 oz 100% tomato juice, $1.35

Look for more unadvertised price drops throughout the store this week, too!

cut open avocados

As far as meat & produce deals in many areas of the country — which, as always, may vary by region — look for possible sales on avocados, limes, honeycrisp apples, Roma tomatoes, green grapes, and strawberries. You might also find 93% lean ground turkey, family pack split chicken breast, rack of lamb, Norwegian Atlantic salmon, and salt & pepper or BBQ beef brisket as your meat specials of the week.

ALDI stores that sell alcohol may also be stocking Burlwood Cellars sweet apple wine, as well as a Wernesgruner mini keg this week. See price in store on these.

ALDI non-Food Finds this week

Tandil bleach at ALDI

If you’re still having trouble finding cleaning products in stock (or don’t want to venture out to multiple stores), I finally saw the larger everyday bottles of Tandil bleach back in stock at my store, at $2.89 each.

Also look for Fall Finds throughout the store, such as:

  • Huntington Home fall coir mat, $6.99
  • Huntington Home embroidered basket, $14.99
  • Huntington Home cinnamon broom, $3.49
  • Huntington Home Fall reversible porch sign, $12.99
  • Huntington Home harvest wreath, $18.99
  • Huntington Home 3-wick candle, $3.99
  • Huntington Home fall gel clings, $1.99
  • Huntington Home estate coir mat, $12.99
  • Huntington Home fabric pumpkins, $4.99
  • Huntington Home flameless candle lantern, $5.99

And for the kids, look for everything from 44 piece Bee Happy magnetic tiles ($17.99), to Bee Happy wooden play food sets ($9.99), to character game rugs ($19.99). Deck out the playroom, too, with Huntington Home animal rope storage baskets at $5.99, a SOHL kids’ arm chair for $19.99, or a Bee Happy pop up play house for $14.99.

More for the littler littles: Pick up a 216 ct Little Journey baby wipes for $4.29, or a Little Journey children’s toilet set or step stool for $4.99.

cards at ALDI

Assorted Pembrook all-occasion cards are back at $.99 each, and two more Finds of random include a SOHL furniture leaning bookshelf, $49.99, or Serra Maternity two pack leggings or 1 pack jeggings, $12.99.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 9/16/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 9/13/20 in Sunday ad markets.

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  • We tried the chocolate pumpkins last year. I am ashamed to say how many we went through 😆. Last shopping trip my store didn’t have much seasonal like hardly none. I will be on the look out this week. Have a Blessed weekend everyone.

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