ALDI Finds Foliage — Plus Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning, Canning Supplies, and more

ALDI Finds Foliage — Plus Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning, Canning Supplies, and more

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Hey, look at the little 4″ foliage plants I spotted at ALDI this morning! I’ve had such good luck with ALDI plants — here’s one I bought a few months ago on one of these $2.99 sales, but re-potted because it has been growing like crazy. It’s already up to about three times the size of when I bought it.

Seriously, if I can keep these alive, you should be able to as well. 🙂

Here are a few more of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad starting either 8/4/19 or 8/7/19 (although, even in Sunday markets, many of the new non-food Finds don’t release until Wednesday).  

ALDI Food Finds this week

stonemill who needs the bagel seasoning at aldi

The big news this week, of course, is Stonemill Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning! At $1.95 for 2.3 oz, this is about the exact same price as Trader Joe’s — but saves you the extra trip! And look: This is even a regular buy price tag, not a special buy tag.

Stay tuned for a compare-and-contrast review, because of course I bought one. (Note: If you use a heck of a lot of this, though, it’s often cheaper per ounce to buy the larger bottle online than either the Trader Joe’s brand or this new ALDI seasoning.)

lunch mate lunch meat on sale at aldi

As we creep closer to back-to-school, be on the lookout for more lunch box finds this week, including: 

  • Lunch Mate turkey, ham, or rotisserie chicken 9 oz lunch meat, $1.99
  • Nature’s Nectar 8 pack juice boxes, $1.49
  • Peanut Delight 40 oz peanut butter, $2.99
  • Berryhill grape jelly, $1.49
  • Baker’s Treat mini muffins, $1.99
  • Clancy’s 20 ct potato chips, $4.99

… and more. Note, though: In some areas of the country, the PB&J and some of these other items will be even cheaper than in my higher-cost-of-living Chicago ads, so check your local store! 

Throw some fruit in those lunch boxes, too. ALDI produce sales this week in many areas of the country include grapes, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and baby carrots.

poke bowls at aldi

I also spotted Poke bowls back in stores today! Let me tell you again about how much I like these: At $5.99, they’re not exactly cheap — but run $2.00 at ALDI than they run at my Target. I like to add half an avocado and a little green onion to mine for a quick lunch splurge when they roll around in stores, because: They’re so, so good, you guys.

The only thing I don’t like about these bowls is the amount of sugar in the sauce. At 13 grams, it’s higher than I usually like to go with added sugars — but, it’s also a lot of sauce, so you can control that by using less of the packet if desired.

(I do make my own Poke bowls at home on occasion, and this reminded me yet again that I should get to posting a knockoff version of these using either ALDI’s frozen ahi tuna or their refrigerated smoked salmon… maybe even using some of the above everything bagel seasoning? It’s not traditional, but…)

specially selected tortilla strips at aldi

And these are different… Specially Selected peach chipotle or mango chili tortilla strips with Chia seeds, $1.99 each.

ALDI non-Food Finds

pembrook planner kits at aldi

This morning I looked at the Pembrook Planner Kits I told you about the other day, and they’re cute in person! But no, I didn’t spot any plain academic year planners at my ALDI yet. More on the back-to-dorm front: A Bauhn flexible surge protector will run you $14.99 this week, and these are handy for the larger size plugs or to wrap around table legs, etc.

crofton canning utensils at aldi

Also be on the lookout for canning stuff at your local ALDI this week! A Crofton 21.5 quart canner with rack is just $18.99, a utensil set, $5.99, and 12 packs canning jars will run you $9.99 for wide mouth quart jars or $7.99 for regular mouth pint jars. 

cat scratching post at aldi

Pet items are back in this week’s ad, including a Heart to Tail cat scratching post for $12.99, portable travel pet playpens or pet grooming kits for $19.99, or pet bandanas for $3.99. Heart to Tail microfiber pet mats are $2.99 (I have one of these from last year, and it’s holding up nicely), and stainless steel pet bowls will run you $4.99.

On the laundry front, look for an Easy Home garment rack for $14.99, collapsible laundry basket for $12.99, or folding step stool for $6.99.

What’s Up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 8/4/19 or Wednesday 8/7/19.

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  • That everything bagel seasoning is so good on cottage cheese. I put on some of that and a couple tablespoons of sunflower kernels.

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