ALDI Christmas Clearance 2020

ALDI Christmas Clearance 2020

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What did you pick up on the after-Christmas sales at your local ALDI this year? Most holiday food items were marked 50% off at my store as of December 26, and here are just a few of the treats I spotted yesterday.

Christmas food clearance at ALDI

snowman grahams at aldi

These mini grahams used to be Middle School Guy’s favorite when he was a smaller guy; I may have picked up a box for nostalgia purposes… Here are some of the other seasonal food items and prices you might spot at your own store.

  • Stryve beef biltong mini sticks, $.99
  • Benton’s candy cane sandwich creme cookies, $.97
  • Setton Farms flavored pistachio kernels, $1.79
  • Benton’s snowman grahams, $.99
  • Mini Christmas cupcakes, $2.99
  • Specially Selected olive medley gift jar, $3.99
  • Benton’s chocolate dipped gingerman or star cookies, $.99
  • Clancy’s pretzels or popcorn gift box, $1.74
  • Clancy’s dipped peppermint pretzel stars, $.99
  • Clancy’s tubs of pretzel rods or holiday shapes, $1.99
  • Kellogg’s Christmas Rice Krispies treats, $2.49
  • Clancy’s dark drizzled kettle corn, $.89
  • Clancy’s white & dark drizzled caramel corn, $1.49
  • Benton’s thin & crispy holiday cookies, $1.74
  • Kellogg’s Christmas Pop-tarts, $1.37
  • Kellogg’s Elf on the Shelf cereal, $1.24
  • M&Ms cupcake or cookie kit, $2.24
  • Winternacht butter Spekulatius, $.89
  • Winternacht almond or assorted Spekulatius, $.99
  • Winternacht butter almond stollen, $2.49
  • In the Mix mini trees or pinwheel cookie mix, $1.49
  • Reese’s miniatures, $1.47
  • Andes creme de menthe thins, $.97
  • Winternacht gingerbread hearts, milk or dark chocolate, $.99
  • Moser Roth mini chocolades, $1.34
  • Winternacht chocolate or assorted mini elisen gingerbread, $1.99
  • Winternacht pfeffernusse, $.99
  • Winternacht milk or dark chocolate gingerbread assortment, $1.49
  • Emporium Selection gouda cheese holiday trees, $1.99
  • Southern Grove holiday trail mix, $3.44

I managed to escape with only a few things in my cart, but what a dangerous time to shop hungry!

Christmas non-food clearance at ALDI

clearance baking gift set at aldi

A number of holiday gift and decor items were also on post-Christmas clearance already. Aren’t these Crofton baking pan gift sets cute? And, a much better bargain at $4.99 than at their original $9.99 price.

aldi clearance ornaments

Some other non-food clearance Finds I saw at my local ALDI:

  • The Learning Journey games, $3.74
  • Disney/Marvel storybook & snowglobe, $3.49
  • My Beauty Spot 12 days of glowing skin, $7.49
  • Serra Ladies’ 4 piece gift set (pullover, shorts, socks, eye mask), $7.49
  • Merry Moments glass ornament, $1.99
  • Crofton glass cutting board, $2.49
  • Huntington Home ornament candle, $2.49
  • Heart to Tail holiday pet sweater, $2.49
  • Merry Moments jumbo or 2 pack extra large gift bag, $1.49
  • Merry Moments 10 pack holiday gift bag set, $2.49
  • Merry Moments holiday bows, $.99
  • Merry Moments holiday tissue paper, $.99
  • Merry Moments wreath bow, $1.49
  • Heart to Tail cat tunnel & house, $4.49
  • Crofton holiday coffee mug, $1.34

Most of the non-food items were located in the Aisle of Shame, and were starting to get pretty picked over already.

aldi cat tunnel and house

I may have felt compelled to grab one of these cat houses for the three bad kitties, in the vain hope that they’ll stop fighting over the cardboard cat scratching playhouse…

Clearance shopping tips

clearance biltong sticks at aldi

Let’s wind up with just a couple of ALDI clearance shopping tips — whether you’re looking at Christmas clearance, or throughout the year. First: Even if your store has a designated clearance section, always keep an eye out on the regular shelves. The seasonal beef biltong sticks pictured above, for instance, were in their normal seasonal home next to the beef jerky at my store.

chocolate dipped stars at aldi

Secondly: Always check your receipt. Sometimes the clearance prices don’t get entered in the system or get entered incorrectly, and you’ll want to try to catch that before leaving the store.

clearance toys at aldi

Lastly: Never assume, when it comes to clearance prices. While most of the pre-printed holiday clearance tags in my store were for 50% off original price, many of the toys were only 25% off. And, while many seasonal food items were on sale, some were still stubbornly hanging on at full price.

Spot any good Christmas clearance at your store?

What are you picking up (or looking for) this year?

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