ALDI 2021 Pembrook Planners in store this week!

ALDI 2021 Pembrook Planners in store this week!

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Finally, right?! I know a lot of you have been waiting SO PATIENTLY for the 2021 Pembrook Planners to show up at ALDI, and I guess they were building up the suspense until the last minute this go-round.

This year’s 2021 ALDI Planners are featured in the ad starting December 30, and I just finally spotted them at my local store. So, if you’re in the market for an ALDI planner this New Year? I’d check ASAP: These tend to sell out quickly!

If your store is out of these, you want a different size or style, or you just can’t wait, Amazon is always a good backup choice for an affordable yearly planner. (Full disclosure: I actually picked up an 8.5″x11″ planner a couple of weeks ago online for $9.99, because I was plotting and planning my January and ran out of patience — sorry, ALDI!)

Are you looking for the 2021 Pembrook specialty planners? Wellness, parenting, wedding, and baby planners are now out in stores, as of the week of 1/20/21. Read about what you can find in ALDI specialty planners, here.

What’s so great about ALDI Planners?

2021 pembrook planner at aldi

So, why is everyone excited about ALDI planners? Let’s just start with that fantastic $7.99 price for a sturdy, full-size, 9.25″ x 11.25″ planner, which is unchanged from last year’s price and size. But beyond that, Pembrook planners at ALDI are always cheerfully inspirational, inside and out. This year’s color choices include:

  • Mauve
  • Rainbow
  • Fruits
  • Polka Dots
  • Floral
  • Geos

I’m partial to the rainbow, myself… and also appreciate the tabbed calendar months that make it easy to flip through and find your place.

Let’s peek inside a 2021 ALDI Planner…

room to write in 2021 aldi planners

I always like the plentiful room Pembrook planners give you to write, and look for one featuring lined spaces for each day of the year. As always, however, ALDI Planners vary in style on the inside; not all are lined, and each features different interior scenes and inspirational quotes.

goal setting pages in aldi planners

So, don’t choose a planner entirely by its cover. Pick them up and leaf through the different options in store, to make sure that you pick the planner which matches your needs.

Pembrook planner extras

sticker sheets in aldi planners

Certain features, however, remain constant across every 2021 ALDI planner. Each Pembrook monthly planner lies flat with its heavy duty spiral binding, and each contains an inside double-sided pocket and removable ruler bookmark. You’ll always find goal planning pages, notes pages, and sticker pages — three full pages of stickers in each planner have you covered, for everything from birthdays, to to-do lists, to reminders.

ruler and quick reference in aldi planner

All of these little extras elevate ALDI planners above the basic, making that $7.99 an even better bargain. Hope you score one this year! ALDI is the place to be if you are looking for a cheap planner for 2021 — and, here’s hoping we all have more things to put in our new planners as this year progresses! 🙂

29 thoughts on “ALDI 2021 Pembrook Planners in store this week!”

  • I love, love, love this planner! And I’m REALLY picky about planners. I have not found one I liked in several years. I purchased the one with the rainbow stripes. It has plenty of room to write and it’s made with very high quality materials. I highly recommend. For the price at Aldi, you can’t beat it!

    • Really do not care for planners but Aldi ‘s planners were the best. I went to the store a few times didn’t see them.

  • These look great, but as a teacher, I need planners that start in August & cover the school year instead of the calendar year. Do you happen to know if there is something like this available at Aldi in the later summer?

  • I bought my planner yesterday. at Aldi’s, but I am very disappointed in it. January and February are messed up. For example: week of January 11: left page Jan 11, 12, 13, right side, has Feb. 11, 12, 13, 14. It then continues with February dates. On the last page of the month, before the Feb. tab, it has Birthdays, and Important Dates for March. Flip the page, it has the 1-28 one page calendar for Feb. Right side, it begins with Jan. . 14, 15, 16, 17.
    Last day before March tab, it has Feb. birthdays/important dates. it goes on and on, throughout the entire planner, until Sep. then it’s fine.
    How do I get a new planner?

    • I found the wellness, bridal, and a few others in my local store (Greensboro, NC) today (3/1/2021)..

    • I saw this Wellness Planner yesterday at my Aldi so I got it and after I got home I looked it up and realized how lucky I am by finding one! They had the baby and family ones too but I just wanted this one. How can we get Aldi to stock more of these each year?? Better yet, we should be able to order them and I can’t find out how! I want one for next year.

    • Unfortunately, ALDI does not sell products online. Once the planners are gone for the year, they’re gone. They usually do a run of academic/teacher planners in late summer, so you could watch for those…

  • I can’t believe there are so many others who share my zest for these Pembrook Planners! I missed out this year and am just sick about it. Anybody have any idea where I can still get one for 2021? Many thanks!

  • I too love, love, love, the Pembroke Planner. It’s the best planner I have EVER had,. It’s so versatile for my notes & appointments. Where can I get another? The cost is no concern. Thank you..

    • Hopefully the academic planners will be out soon — I don’t see them in this week or the sneak peek of next week’s ad yet, though.

  • HI! does anyone know if these are coming back for 2022! i dont see it in the upcoming ALDI finds ads! Are these also locality specific?

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