ALDI 2020 Pembrook Planners — in stores this week!

ALDI 2020 Pembrook Planners — in stores this week!

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See also this separate post on the newer 2020 Pembrook Specialty Planners — wellness, parent, wedding, or baby.

All good things come to those who wait, so here’s the reward for those of you who have been patient. 2020 Pembrook personal planners are finally on the shelf at ALDI this week, advertised in their Sunday 12/15/19 or Wednesday 12/18/19 flyer at $7.99 each.

In the market for an ALDI planner this year? I’d get to the store ASAP: These always tend to sell out very quickly!

What’s so great about ALDI Pembrook Planners?

Pembrook 2020 planners at ALDI are inspirational

Let’s just start with that fantastic $7.99 price for a sturdy, full-size, 9.25″ x 11.25″ planner. But beyond that, Pembrook planners at ALDI are always cheerfully inspirational, inside and out. (This blue is my favorite 2020 design, personally!)

Let’s peek inside the 2020 ALDI Planners

inspiration inside the pembrook planner from ALDI

In addition to the weekly planner pages, each tabbed monthly section includes room for birthdays, important dates, and notes. You get both monthly and weekly pages, plus a double-sided pocket page and a little removable ruler bookmark.

monthly planner pages at aldi

Note that each of the six planners this year varies on the inside: Some have lined boxes for both the monthly calendars and daily notes, whilesome have blank boxes; some have goal setting pages; quotes and interior designs differ. So, don’t choose a planner entirely by its cover — pick them up and leaf through in the store to make sure you pick the planner that matches your needs.

lined dates in Pembrook planner for 2020

Choose from six different cover patterns for 2020:

  • Deep blue sea
  • Soft turquoise
  • Pink mosaic pattern
  • Rainbow brush strokes
  • Blue tiles
  • Paint brushes

Take a look at all the different cover designs in this week’s sneak peek ALDI Finds. Each cover design sports a different interior design and quotes; check them all!

stickers and notes pages in pembrook planners at aldi

Look in the back of each Pembrook monthly planner for notes and sticker pages, too. Three pages of stickers in each planner have you covered for everything from birthdays to reminders.

All of these little extras elevate ALDI planners above the basic, making that $7.99 an even better bargain. Hope you score one this year! ALDI is the place to be if you are looking for a cheap 2020 planner this year.

19 thoughts on “ALDI 2020 Pembrook Planners — in stores this week!”

  • WOW! This looks like a great planner! I was just at Aldi yesterday and didn’t see them but now I will have to go back and check if they have them. Thanks!

  • I absolutely love the wellness planet I picked up. However… they only give you four weeks of the weekly planning for most of the months, which is not enough days. I’m going to have to make 8 copies and add them in. Other than that, they’re pretty kick butt..

    • 1st, Anna, how are you going to add your pages in?

      Then, thanks so much for the tip, but the lady there told me they were all sold out but got somebody else to tell where they were, at least, and they still had a couple!

      • I too, noticed that most months only have 4 weeks- I printed extras but not having luck adding them. This would be perfect if it weren’t for that flaw!

  • I bought the wellness planner. There are not enough days in the month. So disappointed. It comes up short by about 4 days .

    • Sorry, they do not sell items online. You can try calling ALDI corporate to see if they’re in stock anywhere near you — but the ones by me sold out pretty quickly. 🙁

  • I am a planner snob and fell in love with this planner until I realized they didn’t put enough weeks in for the daily portion. So unbelievably disappointing!!

  • Purchased a planner from Aldi in Sicklerville NJ. When I went to use it the whole month of April is a total misprint and so is the daily planning section. Stopped there and didn’t even check the rest of the year. No longer have receipt. How do I get my money back. I’m sure that wasn’t the only one.

  • I received the full size 2020 planner as a gift for Christmas. It is the most handy calendar I’ve ever had. I was wondering when you will be offering the 2021 calendars just like the one I have to have one next year. It is truly a well thought out planner.

  • AHHHH… i completely missed this. I have been waiting to get my hands on one for 2020 cause my 2019 literally saved my life. Is there anywhere else i can get this planner or can i call Aldi and buy it from them somehow? HELP!!

  • I love my Aldi Planner I received as a Christmas gift. I loved it until I got to March and noticed the dates were off. There are February pages in the March section and and the rest of the calendar is screwed up from there through the rest of the year. Is it still being sold?

  • I have an aldi pembrook planner that I really love and use daily — the only thing I wish is that they would add a personal care section in it to track meals, vitamins, exercise, water etc.

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