A new home full of ALDI Finds

A new home full of ALDI Finds

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I recently moved into a new, smaller house. As I’ve been unpacking and unearthing, unboxing and re-organizing, it struck me just how many affordable — yet indispensable — Finds from the ALDI Aisle of Shame have been working together to make my new house into a home.

I didn’t realize quite how much ALDI I’d collected over the years — but, quick: Look around your own home and do a quick spot check. How many AOS items do you spy with your little eye? Is it just me?

Alas, the Baby Yoda Echo Dot stand is not from ALDI (he was a housewarming gift from a friend) — but the aloe plant next to him most definitely is, and don’t they make a lovely & happy pair?

ALDI Finds are where the heart is…

hanging plant from ALDI in my new home

Speaking of plants… this particular happy hanging plant on my new screened in sun porch was also an ALDI Find this year. (The couple of browned leaves are my fault for forgetting to water him amidst all the moving chaos, but he’s otherwise been quite healthy.) Now that I’m settled in, I’ll definitely be picking up more ALDI plants as they appear throughout the year — they’ve been very forgiving of my less-than-green thumb.

My less-than-green thumb also appreciates affordable ALDI mums every year. Now that it’s finally raining and has cooled off a little here in Chicago, mine are just starting to open up. Aren’t they just so happy, stepping their way up to my new porch? It’s too late in the season (and I’m too busy with all the little inside details) to do much with the yard and garden this year, so these provide an easy bit of welcoming fall cheer on the front steps.

What other Finds have gone into making my new house a home? Well, here’s just a little (and less-than-comprehensive) snapshot…

ALDI decor

decor floor lamp from ALDI

One of the fun things about moving (amid all the exhausting chaos of moving…) is the way it forces you to see your possessions in a whole new light.

No pun intended, but the deco-style floor lamp in the corner graced the office in my old home, and graces the living room in my new — where I think I like it even better. My beloved five tier SOHL shelving unit now graces my new dining room, where it’s holding all of my small kitchen appliances.

colorful aldi throw rug

Rugs, rugs, soooo many rugs! I’m now in a much smaller home, so actually find myself with an excess of ALDI rugs — but they’re just so cheerful! I especially love their affordable Chindi rugs, which I’m using to add a pop of color on the wood floors near my outer doors, on the sun porch, and in our bedrooms.

colorful teapot from ALDI

Another pop of color? Oh, why not! I still love my cheerful floral ALDI teapot, which takes pride of place on my new stove just as it did on the old. Kitchen Finds are hard to resist; my own also sports an ALDI 12″ cast iron skillet, my beloved Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System, and more.

ALDI organization

Speaking of colorful… ALDI over-the-door hooks appear in store every summer during college dorm room season, but work just as well in a home with small closets — especially when said home sports plaster walls, where every hook and nail needs to be carefully thought out and anchored. These now live on the back of my new bedroom door for robes, over-shirts, and more.

Yes, the black-and-white rug by my front door is another ALDI Find — but as we continue our organizational tour, so is the rope basket. Perfect for shoes, again, when closet space is limited.

The basket of masks, not from ALDI — the one dripping out the side is a children’s size cloth mask from Target, because apparently I have a freakishly small face. The things you learn these days, right? They don’t carry those specific soft cloth ones any more, but do have a lot of affordable options for both children and adults — given that the recent ALDI kids’ masks sold out in a hot minute.

What’s that you spy in my new little kitchen? Yes, not only is this bamboo slotted spoon from ALDI, but so is the bamboo utensil crock behind it… and the bamboo silverware organizer in the drawer under it… and the bamboo coasters lurking over by the table.

ALDI toilet paper holder

ALDI in every room, really. This ALDI toilet paper holder didn’t fit in the bathroom in my old house; I used it to hack a can dispenser. It won’t fit in the kitchen cabinets in my new house, so we’re back to its original purpose. Also in the bathroom, my Easy Home hair care organizer still works well for hot tools (and, I saw it back in store again this week!). In the basement, an ALDI fabric wardrobe both hides the sump pump and holds our winter jackets — while an ALDI mat graces the washing machine.

Your Turn — Find the ALDI Finds!

cat doorstop from aldi

Yes… I just bought this cute cat doorstop at ALDI this week, but it’s thematic: While I try to leave my bedroom door cracked at night for the cats to come in, they have a tendency to knock the door wide open as they push their way through. Little kitty doorstop here should put an end to those shenanigans!

Take a look around your own home and let me know: What favorite ALDI Finds over the years have gone into helping your space feel more like home?

Household Finds do often reappear (some every few months, some annually), so if any of mine inspire you, watch for their possible return.

3 thoughts on “A new home full of ALDI Finds”

  • I wish I had your luck. My Aldis (yes, several nearby) sell out quick. I’ve had months with no luck finding the items I really want from the aisle of shame. Example: that blue bed set ….. like 5 stores….. all gone. On the same day they were released. How and when do you know what is the best time to find the items?

    • Many stores used to put non-food Finds out early, like a day or two days before. The ones around here stopped doing that 3-4 weeks ago, I think because of complaints… so it may be easier now to find things the morning of release.

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