A few of my favorite ALDI Sales week of 2/20/19 (2/17 in Sunday ad markets)

A few of my favorite ALDI Sales week of 2/20/19 (2/17 in Sunday ad markets)

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Here are just a few highlights of sales I’m looking forward to at ALDI this week! These ALDI sales start Weds. 2/20/19 in my neck of the woods, but began on Sunday 2/17/19 in Sunday ad markets. Not sure what market you’re in? Pop by the ALDI website and find your local store, then look at your weekly ALDI ad for the start date and to see any regional differences in pricing.

Anyway, I’m feeling so summery this week — because blueberries are back on sale! These are going to range from about $1.39-$1.99 depending on your area of the country, but sales on blueberries always make me optimistic that summer may eventually reappear.

Chicken drumsticks are also back on sale, at $.69/lb in my neck of the woods — and on the rest of the produce front, three packs of multi-colored bell peppers range about $1.79-$1.99 regionally, and look for mushrooms, mandarins, and red grapes on sale in most areas.

Non-food ALDI sales this week

On the non-food front, there are some nice deals on kitchen gadgets and cookware this week. This is a nice price for a 5.5 quart cast iron Dutch oven for instance. I won’t be picking this up since I already own one — but as far as quality goes, my cast iron skillet is actually from ALDI and has held up nicely for a couple of years now. If you need one of those, this week’s ad also sports a pre-seasoned 10.47″ cast iron grill pan or 12″ cast iron skillet, at $14.99 each.

And by the way: You can take advantage of both the cast iron skillet deal and the sales on drumsticks and bell peppers this week, with this chicken drumsticks Southwest skillet recipe!

Other kitchen buys this week

Other nice prices on kitchen items include a 5 quart stainless colander for $5.99, pretty porcelain baking dishes for $8.99, and a glass cutting board for $4.99.

So, that’s what strikes my eye — But what are you picking up on sale at ALDI this week?

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