A few of my favorite ALDI sales week of 2/13/19 (2/10 in Sunday ad markets)

A few of my favorite ALDI sales week of 2/13/19 (2/10 in Sunday ad markets)

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Here are just a few highlights of sales I’m looking forward to at ALDI this week! These ALDI sales start Weds. 2/13/19 in my neck of the woods, but began yesterday 2/10/19 in Sunday ad markets. Not sure what market you’re in? Pop by the ALDI website and find your local store, then look at your weekly ALDI ad for the start date and to see any regional differences in pricing.

First up, of course: Our sale on strawberries continues! In my neck of the woods they are again on sale at $1.39 for 16 oz — but produce prices do often vary by region, so check against your own local ALDI ad. Middle School Guy has been eating these like crazy; I’m glad that he’s all over fruit right now, so will continue buying them.

This is also good timing with Valentine’s Day coming up on Thursday: Make your kids, or your significant other (or why not yourself) a batch of chocolate covered strawberries!

If you’re not dairy free, melting ALDI’s semi-sweet chocolate morsels with a little coconut oil will work admirably here.

We also have cheap chicken thighs ($.69/lb) and zucchini ($.99/lb) this week, making it a great week for Italian chicken thighs w/ zucchini & red potatoes. This is a good comfort food recipe for a cold winter’s night, too. I’m eyeing the $1.99 Season’s Choice elote style corn as a possible side dish — but also wishing they carried fire roasted frozen corn a la Trader Joe’s (wouldn’t that be awesome?).

Check out finds for the low carb folks this week, too: Folio cheddar & Parmesan cheese wraps at $4.89, and Baker’s Corner 16 oz almond flour at $5.99.

My favorite ALDI non-food sale this week

On the non-food front, I have to admit that I’m kind of tempted by this $8 banana hanger w/fruit basket. I have a bowl of clementines out on my counter right now (again, encouraging that whole snacking-on-produce thing we have going on around here), but this would make for a much prettier presentation.

So, what are you picking up on sale at ALDI this week?

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