A Crane Bean Bag Toss Review

A Crane Bean Bag Toss Review

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This Crane Bean Bag Toss game jumped onto the bottom of my cart today when I went to stock up on groceries! How do these things happen, anyway? 🙂

Seeing as we’ve already unpacked, set up, and played our new outdoor game, though: I’ll call this one a win. Here’s our Crane Bean Bag Toss review, for you.

Crane Bean Bag Toss includes boards and bean bags

I was honestly iffy about spending $29.99 on this. But then, I thought about how cooped up my kids have been — and about how socially distant their summer will be, given that all of their normal activities have been cancelled.

This week’s ad sports a number of outdoor activities. Out of all of these, though, I thought that my older teenage boys would get the most use out of the bean bag toss. (Money well spent, if they play together and get outside this summer.)

Crane Bean Bag Toss, a review

The Crane Bean Bag Toss closes with velcro for easy carrying

The Crane Bean Bag Toss comes with two target boards, eight bean bags, and a little mesh carry bag for the bean bags. The legs on the boards fold up nicely, the boards Velcro together, and there’s a built-in handle for easy storage and transportation. This set would be super easy to take to the park, or to a backyard BBQ later in the season.

The mesh carry bag, however, barely contains all of the bean bags (and will likely tear before the season is up).

High School Guy tossing a bean bag

Since our yard is a soggy mess from 8″ of rain in four days (rainiest May on record here in Chicago!), we set up our new bean bag toss in the driveway. Please ignore my messy garage shelves in the background… The kids and I got a good half hour of play out of our new game this afternoon before it started raining yet again. Luckily, the game is super easy to fold up and put away. We ran back inside to escape the weather, and will try again later.

Family fun at its finest

holding bean bags

The boys and I had a lot of fun with this game, which worked well with our varying levels of physical ability. We’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it, which makes me feel better about spending that $29.99 today.

The only quibble I have with the Crane Bean Bag Toss is the cheap mesh storage for the bean bags. The rest of the set is fairly sturdy, and should provide us with ongoing entertainment all summer.

Have you tried this game?

Have you tried out the Crane Bean Bag Toss? (It’s not quite as easy as it looks…) Or, have you tried the other big backyard games on sale for $29.99 this week, like Giant Wooden 4-in-a-Row or Toppling Blocks? This seems like a good year to invest in some new at-home outdoor activities!

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10 thoughts on “A Crane Bean Bag Toss Review”

  • Omg..ur boys r handsome and so grown up its been a while since i have seen them speaking of giant wooden 4 in a row did u see them in ur store? Cary nothing not sure if they haven’t received them yet or not and CL hadn’t received them yet.

  • I bought 2 sets of bean bags, hoping that I would find the game boards at another Aldi store, but I have not found the boards. Where could I find them?

    • They actually generally have the boards out a month or so before the replacement bags — the game was out this year in the Memorial Day ad, so likely won’t reappear again til next May. Sorry. 🙁

  • Bought the crane bags from aldi. First time I used them all this powder kept coming out of bags. Mine red ones turned pink and the dark blue are now light blue. Was I suppose to wash them.

    • Mine didn’t do that, and we’ve had them a couple years now — weird! I don’t think you’re supposed to wash them, no.

    • They only have them once a year in early summer, unfortunately, so you’ll need to wait or to purchase beanbags elsewhere 🙁

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