$.99 Garden Mums — And what have you found on ALDI clearance lately?

$.99 Garden Mums — And what have you found on ALDI clearance lately?

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Yesterday I stopped by my local ALDI and found that they’d marked their garden mums down to just $.99 each! Score… except there was, of course, a reason for this. The poor things had been sitting on a shelf in the freezer aisle for 2-3 weeks, unwatered, out of the sun, and in need of a lot of attention. Most of them were really unsalvageable by now, but I dug through and found a plant that looked like it needed just a little love to coax it back to life.

I threw the whole thing straight into a ceramic pot that had been sitting in my garage for a while, watered the heck out of it, and stuck it on my front porch. These ALDI garden mums are already starting to look a little happier, and I think they’ll blossom out nicely within the next couple of weeks. Totally worth the $.99 gamble, anyway! And yes. That is also an ALDI doormat behind the mums, although I clearly need to do a little sprucing up back there.

ALDI mini naan with a clearance sticker

I also picked up a pack of mini naan with a $1 off sticker. Combine those with the open pack of pepperoni and the last of a bag of mozzarella from my fridge, and Middle School Guy will enjoy a little toaster oven pizza or two after cross country today.

Oh, speaking of which, some of you have mentioned that your ALDI stores no longer carry pizza sauce. Here’s what we often do for these naan pizzas: Take a little 8 oz can of tomato sauce and doctor it up to taste with Italian seasoning, oregano, basil, garlic, and a little crushed red pepper. My ALDI sells tomato sauce for just $.29, making it much more affordable than the pre-made pizza sauce (and making the kids just as happy).

When does ALDI mark things down?

People often also ask: When is the best time to find ALDI clearance stickers? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer here. My stores often tend to do meat and bakery aisle markdowns on Sunday nights or Monday mornings after the weekend rush is over, and sometimes also on Tuesday evenings before the new sales start. But, I also find clearance stickers randomly during the week; it just depends on expiration dates and demand. Less busy stores with lower turnover often have more clearance available.

As far as the special buys aisle goes, again, stores will start marking items down to clear out room for a new batch of ALDI Finds. It’s very dependent on demand, so start watching special buy items after they’ve been out in store for a couple of weeks.

What have you found on ALDI clearance lately?

Have you picked up anything especially awesome on clearance at ALDI recently? Share your finds, too! I’d love to hear what you have spotted at your own stores — and what type of clearance you find hard to resist.

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