$.99 Christmas Cards at ALDI — and they’re so nice!

$.99 Christmas Cards at ALDI — and they’re so nice!

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Have you ever wondered if the $.99 cards at ALDI are worth it? Well, let me show you why they are: I always stock up on ALDI cards whenever they roll around in store, because they are such good quality for the price. I mean, it’s crazy how much cards cost elsewhere, anymore — almost more than the gift, sometimes!

ALDI will drop new shipments of all occasion cards throughout the year, which is a good time to replenish your supply of thank-you, birthday, and sympathy cards. But, you can also watch for them to put out displays of affordable holiday cards around every major seasonal holiday.

ALDI Christmas Cards, a mini review

99 cent Christmas cards at ALDI

I was quite happy to see Merry Moments Christmas cards (made by Pembrook) back in stores this week. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve already bought and addressed several, with the intention of stopping back in for more later.

But, of course, not too much later: Like all good ALDI Special Buys, their $.99 cards are only available in store while supplies last.

Why are cheap ALDI cards a great buy?

ALDI cards are bigger than my hand

So, what’s to like about ALDI Christmas cards? Well, let’s just start with the size of these things — each of these cards is bigger than my hand. While Trader Joe’s also carries $.99 Christmas cards (and all-occasion cards), they’re significantly smaller, and their card stock is not as heavy.

inside an ALDI Christmas card

Also unlike the Trader Joe’s cards, ALDI’s are double layered. You’ll find the holiday message on an inset paper, rather than printed on the card itself. (The one advantage of Trader’s Joe’s cards, though, is that they have all-occasion cards available year-round. ALDI’s are limited-time special buys.)

aldi cards have self sealing envelopes

ALDI greeting cards also come with self-sealing envelopes, which is a huge plus. These work well, too; I never have to add tape, or worry about them popping open in the mail.

aldi cards in protective plastic

You’ll always find ALDI cards wrapped in protective plastic in store, but can still open them to browse the inside messages before purchasing. The plastic protects the 3D decorations on many of their holiday cards, and also helps keep them from getting bent up on the display.

ALDI Christmas cards are a solid choice

Buy Christmas cards at ALDI this year: $.99 each, and great quality!

Pick up holiday cards at ALDI this year before they disappear. One thing to note, though, is that that you won’t find Chanukah cards and will see few generic holiday cards; most of these are decidedly Christmas.

Do you buy your cards at ALDI?

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