2020 Pembrook Academic Planners at ALDI

2020 Pembrook Academic Planners at ALDI

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Pembrook planners are a semi-annual ALDI favorite — I picked up my own 2020 yearly planner at the end of 2019, but now the 2020 student and teacher planners are out in store! Grab yours now, because ALDI planners tend to sell out quickly and are only available in stores while supplies last.

ALDI academic planners 2020

2020-2021 student planner at ALDI

Let’s take a little look inside the Pembrook student planner for 2020, because they’re so handy — and because my store was super un-crowded the other day, so I was able to linger and take a few photos. Note that the student academic year planners are on the smaller size. The yearly planner I picked up in December is letter sized; these academic planners are not.

Although, both the teacher and student planners do come in a few different styles. I actually picked one up as a gift, because $7.99 is a nice price and the cute, colorful planner was a perfect find.

daily space to write in planner

Each 2020 academic planner devotes pages to both a monthly calendar, and to daily pages with room for notes and to-do lists. Because these are smaller, though, they seem more suited to middle school level than to college kids who may have lengthier tasks; they’re also a little cutesier in design than my college-bound kid would prefer.

So to be honest, although I like the ALDI planners, I actually just bought my college-bound kid a larger 8.5″x11″ academic planner on Amazon. He is in a rut with this brand, likes plain pages without distraction, prefers the letter-sized ones, and appreciates consistency. 

They do also have plain 5″x8″ academic planners available, or browse additional school planners here — the ALDI ones tend to sell out pretty quickly, but you do have other affordable options (and a little more variety) online.

stickers in the academic planner

The student planner I gifted also comes with stickers (plus more cutesy ones in the back), a wipe-off dry erase inside cover, a ruler, common conversions and formulae pages, and pages to track grades. $7.99 isn’t a bad price for all of that.

cutesy calendar stickers at ALDI

See what I mean about the cutesy, though? That’s not going to work for my older boys, so gauge where your own kids are at before purchasing. Note, though, that interior design always differs between ALDI planners with different covers. My store was out of the plainer ones, so I’m not sure how they would compare.

Are you picking up an academic planner at ALDI this week? Where do you prefer to purchase yours?

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  • looking to get this 2021 planer like i did last YEAR when will it be in your stores I LIVE IN Melbourne FLORIDA thank you

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