Zucchini Spanish Rice Burrito Bowls — Get everything but one little seasoning at ALDI!

Zucchini Spanish Rice Burrito Bowls — Get everything but one little seasoning at ALDI!

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Here’s a different twist on your usual burrito bowl recipe: How about a simple batch of zucchini Spanish rice burrito bowls, topped off with some perfectly seasoned chicken and mushrooms? These burrito bowls are so full of flavor, and the zucchini quick steams in at the end to really kick the Spanish rice up a notch.

Why yes, in case you are wondering: Chicken, mushrooms, AND zucchini were all on sale this week at ALDI — how serendipitous, right?

This seasoned chicken recipe is also great to use in taco salads and more, if you’re not feeling the Spanish rice today. And, zucchini Spanish rice burrito bowls are naturally gluten free.

This Spanish rice burrito bowl combination is just so flavorful

I threw these together this week because I was in need of a little comfort food. Sometimes… you just have to make it for yourself, because who else is going to take care of you! If you are also feeling like comfort food this week, you can pick up just about everything you need for this easy zucchini Spanish rice burrito bowl recipe (other than the smoked paprika) over at your local ALDI.

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If you’re looking for more burrito bowl alternatives (and to be honest, who among us is not?), you might also try these chicken burrito bowls or veggie burrito bowls.

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